What We Learned From the NBA’s Christmas Games

Boston 118 Toronto 102 Boston is good. Really good. They’ve quietly gone 21-7 and have the fourth best point differential in the league. They probably aren’t championship good yet, but are one piece away. While Walker, Tatum, and Brown are looking better every day, the question remains whether or not they can consistently defend Joel... Continue Reading →

2010’s Playoff Analysis

Introduction: With the Toronto Raptors capturing their first championship a few weeks ago, the playoffs of the 2010’s have come to a close. The NBA has had seven different champions (Lakers, Mavericks, Heat, Spurs, Warriors, Cavaliers, Raptors) in this decade with a few “dynasties” or “mini dynasties” (Miami Heat-two championships in four straight Finals, Golden... Continue Reading →

2019 NBA Draft Grades

Atlanta Hawks: A- Players: De’Andre Hunter (4), Cam Reddish (10), Bruno Fernando (34) The Hawks traded the #8 and #17 picks to move up to #4 and grab De’Andre Hunter, who fits perfectly with Trae Young. They were able to hang on to the #10 pick (Hawks GM Travis Schlenk deserves some real credit for that),... Continue Reading →

2019 NBA Draft Potential Trades

With Mike Conley and Anthony Davis already moved this past week in blockbuster trades, what are some other realistic blockbuster trades that could happen Thursday night? I actually don’t think there are that many, but the three I have listed and explained below have a very real chance of happening.  (Assets listed are Players or... Continue Reading →

2019 NBA Mock Draft

All stats are either from ESPN, Synergy Sports, or Basketball Reference #1-New Orleans Pelicans: Zion Williamson (Duke University)-F The consensus number one pick, Zion blew away the nation in his one year at Duke with thunderous dunks, incredible athleticism, and an overall great basketball skillset. Few believe that Zion will fail to succeed at the... Continue Reading →

NBA Salary Analysis

With the NBA contract rules and the trickiness of the salary cap, NBA teams are looking for value wherever they can find it. Many teams are able to find hidden value and get players on huge bargains. Other players are simply worth more than NBA contract rules will allow them to earn (both players on... Continue Reading →

The Death of the Midrange

At the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in March, writer Kirk Goldsberry gave a talk called “Beautyball: Using Analytics to Build Beautiful Games”. Goldsberry focused on the evolution of the NBA in the past decade and how the NBA has moved more towards two extremes for shot selections-a shot within 5 feet or a three... Continue Reading →

The Making of a Modern NBA Star Guard

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a superstar league, or at least a star league. The fact is that if your team does not have at least one All Star on your roster (you really probably need two), your team is highly unlikely to win a championship. So with this in mind, every team should... Continue Reading →

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